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1958 Alumni

Welcome to the Midview Alumni listings. As a service to Midview alumni, we maintain an unofficial list of Midview High School graduates. If you are aware of any corrections/additions, please notify us via email .
If you would like your name and e-mail address posted, please to provide the following information.
bulletFull Name (including Maiden Name)
bulletE-Mail address
bulletYear of graduation

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1958 Alumni

Jaunita Adkins
John Amsbaugh
James Brooks
Gary Brubaker
Daniel (Dan) Bubb
David Burke
Nancy Cabac
Kay Carpenter
Helen Chinmadis
Patty Clark
Darlene Cobb
Peter R. (Pete) Davie
Peggy Dennison
Paul Diedrich
Charles Dougherty
Joan A. Eppley
Sharon Essex
Mary Fannon
Dennis R. Forbes
Edna M. Fugard
Judith Giesler
Thomas A. Glunt
Thomas Grills
Richard Guyeska
Beverly J. Hales
Jean Haney
Ernest Hardman
Robert Hardy
Gilbert E. Havry
Gloria J. Holacott
John Holbrook
Elizabeth Hunt
Carol Jackson
Wilford Jacobs
Andris Jakoason
Ray Jones
Alice M. Joppeck
Lois Joy
Albert Kazmierczak
Betty Keith
Dennis Kelley
Connie Kennedy
Roger Kennedy
Jane A. Kesson
Lida Knapp
Thomas Kovach
Robert H. Krosky
Sue Lambert
Darlene Lantsberry


Donald Lee
Betty Leinweher
Lanata Lilly
Patricia S. Litke
Betty Lou Little
Donald Longwell
Beatrice Lottridge
Eve Major
Donald Marquis
Dianne Mezurek
Norma Moore
Kenneth Moss
Betty Myers
Dennis McDaniels
LeRoy MacDonald
Joyce Nash
Melvin Nicewander
Shirley Nichols
Jean M. Pleban
James Purdy
Marie Radschuk
Darlene Ray
Shirley Read
Edward Robinson
Leone Robinson
Kent E. Ross
Virginia Scharf
Betty Schroeder
Donald Schulz
Brenda Smith
Darlene Smith
Patricia Strawn
Ed Sump
Joseph Susak
Judy Taylor
Ben Thole
Beverly Thornburg
William (Bill) Tiefuhr
Lucille R. Tildes
Marjorie A. Tite
Phyllis Tompkins
Anita Webber
Richard White
Doris Wilford
Esther Wilkins
Robert P. Wise
Marcia Woodruff
Ada M. Worthington
Sue Wright

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