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1957 Alumni

Welcome to the Midview Alumni listings. As a service to Midview alumni, we maintain an unofficial list of Midview High School graduates. If you are aware of any corrections/additions, please notify us via email .
If you would like your name and e-mail address posted, please to provide the following information.
bulletFull Name (including Maiden Name)
bulletE-Mail address
bulletYear of graduation

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1957 Alumni

Raymond Andrews
Joyce Bash
Dennis Battle
Calvin Bean
Dorothy Beane
Thomas Beavor
Charlene Benze
Brian Bishop
Janet Bliss
Nancy Brehm
Nancy A. Buckingham
Gerald Byczynski
Loretta Conklin
Joyce Conner
Penelope A. Cook
Gerald D. Curtis
Lois Dixon
Earl T. Duke
Richard Falls
Dorothy Fischer
Donna Flick
James Forrest
Carol Gerber
Steve Gerush
Ronald Gilbert
Gerald Hardin
Judy Haswell
Patricia Holscott
Rodney Hopkins
Henry Husk
Thelma L. Jeune
Albert Junior
Pauline Keller
Janet Kostyo
James Lakocy
Dal Lang
Charles Lewis
Hazel McKelvey
Carl Mahaffey
Roy Marty


Gerald L. Matusik
Jean Meredith
Lawrence Miller
Nancy Miller
Marilyn Mills
Diana J. Muffly
Linda Oliver
Richard Orr
Susan T. Parish
Theresa Patrick
James Ponting
James Rafter
Carrie Ray
Richard Reinders
Edward Reynolds
Jean Schafer
James L. (Jim) Schenfield
James Schmidt
Carol Schriver
Myra Schultz
Gayle A. Shephard
Jane Shuttleworth
Patricia Slusarczyk
Robert Stewart
Lee Sooy
Robert Struck
Ruth Taylor
Donald P. Ternes
Joan Thatcher
Sandra Tomasheski
Barbara Wacker
Ronald Wacker
Larry Walsh
Mary Ward
Thomas Ward
Judith White
Francis Whitesel
Frona K. Wilczak
Lyle Witherell
Marie Wise

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