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1956 Alumni

Welcome to the Midview Alumni listings. As a service to Midview alumni, we maintain an unofficial list of Midview High School graduates. If you are aware of any corrections/additions, please notify us via email .
If you would like your name and e-mail address posted, please to provide the following information.
bulletFull Name (including Maiden Name)
bulletE-Mail address
bulletYear of graduation

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1956 Alumni

Beverly A. Barrington
Don Binnie
Stella Borowski
Carol Bors
Gordon Brunson
Lynne Carpenter
Rodger R. Carpenter
Nora Clark
Lois Crowell
Janet Davis
Virginia Denny
Dale Crowell Durkee
Dennis Eady
Joretta M. Eppley
Judy L. Essex
Elanor Fowler
Ellen Fugard
Thomas Glunt
Betty Guthrie
Noralee K. Hale
Bertis Hardway
Ronald (Ron) Haswell
Loie Holler
Charlotte L. Howser
Karely T. Jantz
Ronald D. Jantz
Judy Jones
Patricia Kennedy
Donna King
Russell Kline
Anthony Kotowski
Harold Landes


Robert R. Lennerth
Charles Macaulay
Annie Y. Marty
Eugene McClintock
Janice Messenger
Ronald Mihalis
Dean Morris
Robert Nesbett
Charles Nichols
William Nicholson
Lois A. Nickel
Michael Patrick
Edward Piscola
Eugene Pleban
Daniel Purdy
David Purdy
Thomas (Tom) Rafter
Alma Rose
Kenneth Schulz
Phyllis Smith
Jack Stokes
Marilyn J. Tite
Eugene Traxler
William Weston
Robert Whitty
Kenneth Wirkner
Donald Woodyard
Roberta Yates
Clifford Young
Ronald Young
Janice Zivic

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