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Chris Eichenlaub


Chris EichenlaubHe never scored a last second touchdown, hit a buzzer beater basket, or had a game winning hit for the Middies, but Chris Eichenlaub was one of Midview’s greatest champions.

Chris Eichenlaub loved to be involved in Midview Athletics. If there was a Middie game taking place in the gym, at the stadium, or on a diamond, Chris was there, helping out in any way he could to support the teams and programs. As a business owner, Chris knew intuitively the hard work of those behind the scenes made the job for those out front a little bit easier. If you were walking in the door or the gate, Chris Eichenlaub was there with a warm smile and friendly greeting ready to sell you some raffle tickets. On a trip to the concession stand, there was Chris Eichenlaub, selling you a hot dog. Or, if you happened to be at a Midview volleyball game, who would be involved in the contest as a line judge? Chris Eichenlaub. If it involved Midview, Chris was there, pitching in wherever he was asked or needed.

If he wasn’t helping out, Chris loved to talk about Midview sports, as he took part in the broadcast of Midview girls basketball games on Grafton Cable.

Chris’s work extended beyond game night. He was immersed with the Midview Athletic Boosters, serving as the organizations treasurer, and was also an active member of the Midview Endowment Board.

Chris was the proud father of four Midview children, sons Jordan and Cole, daughters Adrienne and Hannah, but long after they competed at Midview and graduated, Chris was still passionate about Midview athletics and supported the Middie programs.

Chris Eichenlaub passed away in October of 2011. But his presence and impact in the Midview School District, and in particular, his support of Midview Athletics will live on and be remembered forever in our community. He was a Midview champion. For that reason, the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame is honored to present Chris Eichenlaub with our Service Award.

Special Recognition to Chris Eichenlaub from the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame

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