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Special Recognition 2008
Al Machovina


Al Machovina - MAHOF Special RecognitionAl Machovina began his lifetime of dedication and service to Midview Schools in 1951, when he began his teaching career at Grafton after graduation from Ohio University and continued in the newly consolidated Midview district in 1955. He was assigned to the Junior High School in 1958 as an Assistant Principal for a period of four years. He found teaching more to his liking however, and returned to the classroom where he taught math from the seventh through the twelfth grade including trigonometry and calculus for the remainder of his career until his retirement in 1984.

Al’s commitment went beyond the classroom. A volunteer in many activities that benefited Midview students, he began a nineteen year stint in 1965 as the official scorer for the high school basketball games. He also started a bowling league at the high school and was its advisor for twenty years. Some of its participants are well known bowlers today in the Lorain County area. They include John Shreve, Sr., Mark Trenchard, Bob Hobar, Walt Sukey, and Ken and Mark Machovina among others. Al was also the personnel manager for the LaPorte Hot Stove League for many years. A league that groomed many players for their careers at the high school level.

The “Special Recognition” award recognizes those who have supported and contributed to Midview athletics and Al Machovina has been a loyal and willing contributor throughout his lifetime.

Al’s wife, Kathleen, worked at the High School Cafeteria for nineteen years and is also retired.

Al and Kathleen are the parents of Mark, Kenneth, Mary Ann Oliver and Kim Renuart.

Al and Kathleen reside in Carlisle Township.

Special Recognition to Al Machovina from the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame

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