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Special Recognition 2007
Don Binnie


Don BinnieThere are instances where one name becomes instantaneously connected to a single thing. Lebron James means the Cavs, Woody Hayes is Ohio State, Jim Brown represents the Cleveland Browns. When one hears the name Don Binnie, that means Midview. Itís Midview support, Midview pride, Midview service, and Midview dedication.

For Don, his love for Midview started before 1956 when he graduated from Midview High School. He loved the school and all that offered before donning his cap and gown. Don participated in athletics at the then new school, as a football and basketball player, and other activities including band, theatre and chorus. But unlike many, who leave their high school behind upon receiving their diploma, Donís interaction with Midview was just beginning.

In 1967 Don was elected to the Midview Board of Education. His tenure on the board would last for 16 years. But Don was more than just a board member. He immersed himself in everything Midview. Don worked tirelessly on several levy campaigns. In fact, he chaired the committee that worked to pass the largest levy to be passed in the Midview districtís history. When the brand new Midview gym was being planned, Donís persistence paid off with the installation of a press box. That press box is one of the primary reasons that Midview was awarded the prestigious Division One Boys Sectional/District basketball tournament. Don was a charter member of the Midview Booster Club, and it was through his efforts, that program booklets are now distributed at the football and basketball game.

And Donís devotion to Midview Athletics is unquestioned. He chaired the first campaign to raise funds for Midview athletes when the football program was threatened due to a lack of funds. He chaired a separate fund-raising for ďpay to playĒ. Donís love for Midview has come through loud and clear for the past 15 years as a commentator for football and basketball games on GLW Broadband. And this organization, the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame, had Don Binnie as its president since its inception through 2006.

Itís appropriate that Don Binnie be honored tonight in the ďService CategoryĒ. Nobody has served Midview any better, in more capacities than Don Binnie. And no one has done it with more love and devotion to this school district and its students.

Special Recognition to Don Binnie from the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame

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