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Class of 2005

1976 Football Team


1st Row Sitting (L to R) – (77) Brent Flood, (63) Jeff Miller, (55) Mark Weaver, (76) Jack DeMaria, (75) Brian Overy, (60) Bill Bott, (14) John Bush, (33) Gary Denomme, (42) Keith Petty, (Mgr.) Mike Seres.

2nd Row (L to R) – (85) Scott Sheffield, (67) Neil Haupt, (83) Marty Plas, (22) Don Renuart, (11) Dan Boros, (84) Bruce Walker, (72) Art Grella, (86) Dean Rader, (43) Mike McCarty, (65) Ron Dusky, (73) Mark Elek, (64) Stan Resar, (25) Bill Gibbons.

3rd Row (L to R) – (74) Rod Coker, (89) Art Plas, (24) Kris McLean, (66) Lee Boise, (80) Kevin Boldlen, (88) Jim Paytak, (78) Mike Rhyner, (50) Roy Naylor, (40) Jeff Tillman, (34) Mark Bibbee, (61) Al Cordy, (35) Kevin Henry.

4th Row (L to R) – (45) Jay Clark, (81) Rick Schubert, (71) Rod Fox, Coach Jim Bollenbacher, Coach Bob Cunningham, Coach Joe Stark, Coach Phil Sheffield, Coach Carl Riccilli, (30) Randy Belknap, (32) Tim Bislich. Absent Mark Cartwright, Brad Tackas and Coach Jim Seres.

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The 1976 MHS Football Team left a big mark in the annuals of the school’s history. Coach Phil Sheffield’s team was the Lakeland conference champions with a spotless 7-0 record. They were 8-1-1 overall. After an opening 0-0 tie with Avon Lake, a team that went undefeated that year, they lost 6-14 to an Elyria Catholic team which won the State Championship in division AA that same year.

Five players were selected All-Conference First Team, on both offense and defense. One other player was named on offense with another named to the 2nd team defensive team. Jeff Tillman tied for the regular season county scoring title with 130 points and Don Renuart was named All-Ohio 2nd team on defense.

They finished eleventh in the final computer ratings in AAA Region 1.

Welcome, 1976 Football Team, into the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame

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