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Special Recognition 2004

Mary Ellen Carmel


Mary Ellen Carmel - MAHOF Special Recognition

Mary Ellen Carmel has been a longtime supporter of Midview Athletics. In the fall of 1981 when her son Rich was a sophomore on the Middie football team, she began a fourteen year stint with the Booster Club starting as treasurer. She was responsible for keeping track of the club’s finances and handled disbursements for various Booster Club sponsored activities. She was also in charge of the athletic programs for many years, doing everything from soliciting ads to assembling the programs. Her booster club activities included any duties that required time and hard work, which she gladly gave. Her career with the Booster Club went well beyond the graduation of Rich and daughters Maureen and Karen. She has been a friend to coaches, administration and all those connected with the Midview sports scene.

Just as her devotion to the Midview Boosters went well beyond the normal commitment, one needs only to look at Mary Ellen’s chosen vocation as an employee of the Lorain County Board of Mental Retardation to understand her need to help and support others. A twenty-five year employee of the board, her duties are to help people with special needs to work to their fullest potential.

Mary Ellen Carmel has always been a giving person and the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame is proud to give her our “Special Recognition Award” for a job well done.

Special Recognition to Mary Ellen Carmel from the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame

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