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Class of 2003

Midview Athletic Hall of Fame (MAHOF)

Special Recognition
Guy & Lila DeNillo

The MAHOF committee welcomes you to our third annual banquet. This past year has been very eventful. There have been two major accomplishments during the past year. The first being the installation of a MAHOF showcase in the lobby of Kubuski gymnasium, housing the plaques of the enshrined for viewing. This showcase was provided by the Midview Board of Education, which again showed their full support of MAHOF and its mission. We would be remiss, if we didnít show our appreciation to the Midview Athletic Boosters and the Midview Touchdown Club. They have been very supportive of our efforts.

The second milestone was the establishment of our own website. This website, built by Dick Bickel, presents an opportunity to access pictures and bios of past and present inductees, ongoing MAHOF activities, MAHOF By-Laws and most importantly, the ability to nominate a candidate online. If preferred, nomination forms can be printed and mailed upon completion. MAHOF has decided to be a resource for Midview Alumni within our website. This will not only provide an opportunity to build a database for future candidates to be drawn from, but will also provide a reference for alumni for reunions and other pertinent information.

We are satisfied that by the end of this third year, we will be very near the degree of perfection required to guarantee an efficient and vital organization with the capability of fulfilling itís mission.

We are honored and pleased to have Tim Alcorn as our Master of Ceremonies and Campy Russell as the Banquet Speaker for the evening.

Thanks again for coming and congratulations to this yearís enshrinees.

2001 M.A.H.O.F. Inductees
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Class of 2003 Inductees

Left to Right:
Chuck Austin - '72
Dan Boros - '77
Patrick Rhyner - '80
Mark Lucki - '70
Kris Boey - '94


Hall of Fame Inductees in Attendance
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Albert Junior '57
Class of 2001
  Larry Schaefer (Belden '48)
Class of 2002
Tony Lucki '72
Class of 2002

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