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Class of 2001
Midview Athletic Hall of Fame (MAHOF)

On behalf of the Midview Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, welcome to the 1st annual Enshrinement Banquet. The first year for any project is a learning process and this one certainly has been one for us. We will learn from our mistakes and do better next year, but we know that the selection of this first induction class is outstanding.

Each of tonight's inductees, by their accomplishments, has pushed the expectations of Midview Athletes to a significantly higher level than had existed before. Congratulations go not only to them, but to also their family and friends for the encouragement and support that they have given them.

We are fortunate and pleased to have Tim Alcorn as our Master of Ceremonies and Joe Tait as the Keynote Speaker for the evening.

Our Committee would like to thank Midview Schools for their help in this, our first year. The Board of Education, Administrators, and staff have been both encouraging and supportive. It is our hope that this event will continue to grow and be a big event on the calendar for all to attend. Enjoy your evening and we’ll see you again next year.


2001 M.A.H.O.F. Inductees
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Class of 2001 Inductees

Left to Right:
Don Vesling - '84

Jane Rader Thomasson - '80

Albert Junior - '57

Cass Dolhancyk Dixon - '93

Joe Staysniak - '85

Anthony Stacey - '95

(not present)


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1992 MHS Volleyball Team

Front: Anne Arcipowski, Carrie Fischer, Kim Wilson, Asst. Coach-Melanie Struck

Back: Theresa Peter, Cass Dolhancyk, Tara Stanislawski, Head Coach-Faith Riccilli

2001 M.A.H.O.F. Inductees
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